Bearing Nadav’s memory

(This post is the fourth of a series about Nadav’s death. The previous ones are Et lux perpetua luceat eumNadav’s legacy, and Facing Nadav’s death)
Today, it has been six years since Nadav died.
Most people would say his story is heartbreaking. And it actually is, in a way. But it is also one of the best and bravest stories I’ve ever witnessed.
Was I sad when he passed away? Yes, because he was a great person. But am I sad today when I think about him? No, because he lived, and I was lucky enough to cross his path. Today, I am infinitely grateful for having been his companion for six months, and for everything he brought into my life.
His father said one day that he often wondered what would stay from Nadav now, in our daily lives. I can only say : but I can’t even take it out of my life. He shaped my life with his. And he still lives in it.

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