Dare to be free

Freedom is everything in the world. It is the vision of hills rolling everywhere around you when you step on the top of the summit you’ve been climbing since dawn. The feeling of oneness you feel when lost in your action within the world, be it running, writing, working in the fields, talking with a friend. The glory of seeing a new dawn rising on your corner of Earth, alone in the quietness of the fading night.  It is the moment when you feel your heart expanding to the universe, filled with happiness and joy to be simply here and be what you are.
It is the feeling you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. This potential to be whatever you wish to be. To know you can get up tomorrow and choose to be a totally different person from who you used to be. That you can choose a path among those you see in front of you or build your own one. That you can achieve whatever you want, if you set out to do it.
There’s only one condition to keeping that freedom alive, but it is paramount.