Behind every scar is a story

Behind every scar is a story (Justine Musk)
Yes, and that’s why I write about it, however hard and bitter it may be, no matter how awkward and humbling it can be.
Writing is my daily catharsis, the only satisfying way I found to free myself from the emotional blows I got in the past, to heal them so that they would become scars, no more seeping wounds, to be able to see them from the outside, not only from the inside. The only way for me to put them out there so I could ultimately lay them to rest.
« It’s only when you find the strength – and a safe inner space — to process those experiences, and weave them into your daylight life narrative, that you gain any real power over them. You put stories to the scars. What kind of story you tell is up to you. You can’t change the past, and you can’t change the facts – but story is the stuff you put around the facts in order to relate them and charge them with meaning. »