Facing Nadav’s death

Pour les francophones, la traduction de ce post se trouve là : Affronter la mort de Nadav.


That post took an awful lot of time to get out of my system in a readable form, so that it fell way behind the deadline. But let it be Nadav’s third reminder, for the third anniversary of his death.

It originated all from a comment from Nadav's father on what I wrote in memory of his son for the second year (in Nadav's legacy).
I was surprised how strongly people reacted to my post, and he simply answered : "Very few people actually manage to look straight into their most painful feelings. Lots of them spend their lives to build avoidance strategies, and when they succeed doing it, they call it happiness. But nobody is truly fooled. And you come here and stuff in their face the fact you don't need to be a superhero to look life straight in the eye. And it turns them upside down."

So I logically thought about what most people fear and avoid the most in their lives : death.
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